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Welcome to the home of the UK's premier e-mail based reminder system. This service has been brought to you so that you no longer need to look in every electronic gadget you have, for that special occasion - we e-mail you, to tell you about it! So the question is now: How much is it going to cost me? NOTHING! yes that's right, it is completely FREE. There are no catches and we WON'T sell your e-mail address or details to anyone else, so that means no spam or junk mail.

Birthday reminderBirthday reminders
Remind youself about all those birthdays, parents, kids, freinds, neices and nephews
Anniversary remindersAnniversay reminders
Be it your own wedding anniversary, or the reminder of a lost love, never forget them again
Medical appointmentsMedical appointments
Forgetting an appointment is bad for you and possibly your health
Public date remindersPublic dates
Okay some are easy, but how about clocks forward and back :)
Ask someone else for a reminder dateRequest a date
Not sure on a date? Fill out the basic details and we will email them a link to add the date in for you
Event reminds via RSSRSS feeds
Get your reminds in a RSS feed that you can display in numerous places like iGoogle, myYahoo
Group remindersGroup reminders
You can even place reminders in you own groups, and other members can subscribe

What we offer - a quality service, primarily for the UK but anyone can setup reminders if they want, after all this is the world wide web and as soon as we have the time we will start adding in customised information for everyone else, but we have to start somewhere. It only takes minutes to setup a new account with us and get your life organised, so why not do it now? what have you got to lose - NOTHING!

Why do you need reminding?

birthday reminder

We are all busy and all have the best of intentions, but E-Mail Remind is here just as a backup for those times life gets a bit hectic!

So register your account today and get free reminders! Register

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